Weld Smoke Filter Equipment

One of the most common hazards in many manufacturing plants is weld smoke. Weld fume is composed of submicron-sized particles; the smaller particles pose the greatest health risks to your personnel.

Weld Smoke Filter Equipment

A good air filtration system is essential to a healthy welding environment. Although general ventilation (open doors and windows, roof fans, and floor fans) may support weld smoke filter equipment, without a good air filtration system in place, general ventilation is more likely to circulate contaminants throughout your plant’s work areas.

Partner with Filter Equipment, Inc. to design the air filtration system you need to keep your crew healthy and productive. We provide the best of reasonably priced, high performance fume collectors, weld fume extractors, and weld smoke filters. You’ll choose from weld smoke filter equipment from respected industry leaders such as:

  • Filter units, fans, and silencers from Donaldson Torit

  • Piping, capture hoods, and fittings from Kirk and Blum

  • Main suction fans from Chicago Blower

Air filtration system

Filter Equipment, Inc. is the clear choice for reasonably priced options on custom designed air filtration systems. We don’t blow smoke—we eliminate it. Contact us for details on weld smoke filter options customized for your operation.