Saw Dust Collection Equipment

Saw Dust Collection Equipment

Using Filter Equipment is like having your own in-house air filtration design department. We specialize in custom dust system design, pulling the best products from industry leaders. This option to choose your saw dust collection equipment from the best available resources helps you stay within your budget and allows Filter Equipment to create the air filtration system that precisely meets your needs. Our saw dust collection equipment lineup includes:

  1. Fabric dust collectors are commonly known as baghouses and are among the most efficient and cost effective saw dust collection equipment. For over 50 years,

  2. "Combustible dusts are fine particles that present an explosion hazard when suspended in air in certain conditions. A dust explosion can be catastrophic and cause employee deaths, injuries, and destruction of entire buildings. In many combustible dust accidents, employers and employees were unaware that a hazard even existed."

    OSHA Fact Sheet

    "Fires and explosions fueled by combustible dusts have long been recognized as a major industrial hazard. A November 2006, Chemical Safety Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) report described the occurrence of nearly 280 dust fires and explosions in U.S. industrial facilities over the past 25 years, resulting in approximately 119 fatalities and over 700 injuries."

    Combustible Dust NEP Status Report

  3. Donaldson® Torit® has been an industry leader in providing manufacturers with a complete line of baghouses to satisfy the needs of any industrial application.
  4. Camcorp uses the most advanced filtration technologies to custom design filter baghouse units for the most complex air filtration systems.
  5. Southern Filter Media is a full service filter company with two manufacturing plants that enable fast response to bags and frames for all filter units as well as custom bags to fulfill your saw dust collection needs.
  6. Spark detection and extinguishing systems are both cost effective and the safest form of protection against fires and explosions. With over thirty years of research and development behind it, the FLAMEX® spark detection and extinguishing system remains on the leading edge of fire protection technology.
  7. Imperial Systems abort gates and back flow preventers add excellent fire protection to your air filtration system.
  8. We trade with the largest sheet metal contractor in North America, Kirk & Blum, to find the best in clamp together piping for end user installations.
  9. With 30 years experience, Screw Conveyor has the expertise to automate waste product removal.
  10. Chicago Blower, is an industry standard in main suction fans and clean air fans, assuring your of high performance, dependability, and long life.
  11. CSM Environmental Systems is a notable industry leader in heavy piping, hoods, switch valves, air lock, material handling fans.

You don't have to settle for a boilerplate system to meet code and stay within budget. Contact Filter Equipment to plan a custom air filtration system with the best saw dust collection equipment available!