Paint Booth Filter Equipment

Custom Designed Paint Booth Applications

These days, manufacturers often must paint (and do everything else) by the numbers. Our custom designed paint booth applications not only keep your employees safe and your company up to code, Filter Equipment ensures that those numbers are reasonable when you need to install, upgrade, or replace paint booth filter equipment.

Dependable Paint Booth Air Filtration Products

At Filter Equipment, we think outside of the booth to build the paint booth application your company needs with time-tested products that exactly fit your requirements. We partner with our clients, providing services comparable to an in-house design department with products from reliable suppliers such as Donaldson® Torit®, CSM, and Chicago Blowers.

We Put Your Needs into the Picture

Filter Equipment never paints you into a corner. We integrate the best of reasonably priced paint booth products, either new or refurbished, into your paint shop air filtration system. Contact Filter Equipment, Inc. for reasonably priced, reliable paint booth air filtration products and design.