Foundry Filter Equipment

Filter Equipment, Inc. understands that modern foundries are challenged to forge a product that remains competitively priced in an International marketplace, while abiding by strict regulatory codes. Our custom air-filtration systems keep your foundry within those codes and protect your workforce from environmental contaminants in the workplace. We partner with our customers to develop solutions in foundry filter equipment at reasonable prices that don’t cause a melt down in production profits.

The foundry industry has undergone dramatic change in the last decade. New materials and substantial changes in the metal mix called for new process technologies. These changes in material and technology, along with present-day environmental concerns triggered new and increased government regulations. Nearly 1/4 of total violations of environmental regulations are related to airborne contaminants in foundry workspaces.

Foundry Filter EquipmentOur custom designs not only provide a safe workplace for your employees, they also help you avoid severe fines and penalties from regulatory agencies. Filter Equipment, Inc. provides air-filtration solutions that use the best available products from industry leaders, such as:

  • Cartridge and bag house filter units from Donaldson Torit
  • Heavy duty piping, fittings and capture hoods from CSM Products
  • Clean air fans from Chicago Blower

Contact Filter Equipment to explore our complete line of reasonably priced foundry filter equipment.