Ventilation Inspection & Maintenance

Along with some of the best air filtration systems in the country, Filter Equipment has built a reputation for providing excellent support to our customers. We understand that after-sales services are often just as important as the design and installation of air filtration equipment.

Ventilation Inspection

Filter Equipment provides quarterly, twice yearly, and annual ventilation inspection services.

Our ventilation inspection ensures your system meets code and fulfills your insurance provisions. We not only identify existing problems, we also look into problems likely to occur in the future.

Our written report includes an air reading report as well as our recommendations to correct any identified and/or potential defects. This comprehensive inspection report often helps our customers lower the cost of their insurance premiums.

Maintenance Services

Our maintenance services are all encompassing—from preventative services to break down, our experienced crew is well trained, highly skilled, and equipped to address all defects and potential problems. Our maintenance services keep your production lines running smoothly.

Filter Equipment, Inc. works with you to keep costs down. For instance, our filter bag laundry service saves on both bag replacement and disposal costs. When appropriate, our technicians can also draw from a supply of refurbished equipment to complete a necessary repair.

Filter Equipment puts flexibility and innovation into ventilation inspection and maintenance; we adapt our services to address your specific needs. Contact us for superior after-sales support.