Turnkey Filter Equipment Installation

Let Filter Equipment, Inc. Add Some Time to Your Clock!

These days, running a profitable business takes all the time you can afford to give it. Most plant managers have their hands full with day-to-day operations; they simply can’t afford to spend the extra time it takes to schedule and oversee installation of a new air filtration system.

Industries like Smith Brothers Furniture rely on Filter Equipment, Inc. to provide them with a turnkey air filtration system on spec, on time, and at a reasonable price.

Turnkey air filtration systems

Our 30+ years of experience in the air filtration industry has led to excellent working relationships with reliable contractors throughout the U.S. We work a schedule into your project that works for your plant as well as for the various contractors working on your air filtration system. Our expertise in project management keeps your contractors working and keeps your project progressing smoothly from beginning to end.

Turnkey Filter Equipment Case Study: Smith Brothers Furniture

Filter Equipment, Inc. moved the entire wood dust operation of Smith Brothers Furniture in just seven days. The plant was in operation until the start of their scheduled July 4 shut down.

Turnkey filter equipment
  1. We scheduled the cranes, trucks, electricians and new equipment deliveries.
  2. We improved the layout of the system.
  3. We installed 300 feet of main duct and 24 branch lines.
  4. We provided a code update by adding a fire suppressant system.

The project was completed by the time the employees returned from their break.

When you need a turnkey air filtration system now and you need it done right, contact Filter Equipment, Inc.