Filter Bag Laundry Service

 Reduce-Reuse-Recycle and Save!

Filter bag laundry service

Let Filter Equipment help you cut air filtration costs with our filter bag laundry service.
Filter Equipment, Inc. has partnered with a major industrial laundry service to develop a program to launder industrial filter bags without damage or shrinkage. Depending on the collected dust in the bag, most bags can be laundered at least one time at about 50% the cost of a new bag.

Cleaning and reusing filter bags extends their usefulness, which results in reducing purchases of new bags as well as reducing the costs to dispose of the old ones.

Bag change crew

Our bag change crew is trained to work in the confined spaces found in air filtration systems and is experienced in bag change operations for all bag house filter units. We change bags for many of our manufacturing clients and are equipped for nearly every type of industry that uses bag house air filtration units.

Although our personnel are the only personnel allowed in the filter unit during change out, we typically work as a composite crew using the assistance of your personnel, which further reduces your costs in bag changes.

Contact Filter Equipment, Inc. for further details on our bag change program.