Dust System Design Service

Dust System Design Service

At Filter Equipment, Inc., we make certain that the only thing “plucked from the air” is air pollution.

Our professional dust system design service helps you choose the air filtration products and equipment that precisely fit the needs of your business at a competitive, but very reasonable price. We provide complete clean air support from start to finish and beyond.

Rather than just quote your project, we sit down with you and design it according to your exact requirements.

Dust Design System Service
  1. We map out the scope of your job and present you with a choice of the best equipment and air filtration products available to ensure you find the right applications for every aspect of your project.
  2. We supply a material list and approved prints for your air filtration project.
  3. We provide you with a sound estimate of what your project should cost.

Whether you’re building a new plant or adding on to your existing structure, remodeling or relocating, our process helps you change, add, or install new air filtration equipment that keeps your operation up to code and completely satisfies your requirements.

You’ll have all the information you need in hand before you contact a contractor. But wait!

When you use Filter Equipment, Inc. as your project manager, we make sure that nothing is left “up in the air”. Our commitment is to provide quality air filtration products, innovative design and system consultation at a fair price. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to partner with our customers from project conception to completion.

We ensure that you receive:

  1. Comparable bids from contractors on the design you have approved.

  2. The right products and equipment for your application.

  3. The lowest price for your project with an experienced air filtration contractor.

Air filtration products

With 30+ years experience in the air filtration industry, our founder, Roy Leath has established good working relationships with clean air contractors and sub-contractors in over 20 states.

The proof of our design expertise is in the list of satisfied customers who often refer new business to Filter Equipment, Inc.

Proven designs, satisfied customers. Contact Filter Equipment, Inc. for results-oriented clean air by design.