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We’re an innovative company, a dust system design specialist that provides the air filtration products and services that help business and industry breathe easy. Although we specialize in wood, foundry, paint, and weld smoke applications, we also handle oil mist, paper, grain, and fume abatement projects.

Air. Although it’s all around us, we can’t see it. More importantly, you can’t see what’s in your air. Dirty air increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and respiratory problems, sucking the life out of you, your employees, and your business. A 1997 joint study between the U.S. Department of Energy and Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory estimates that an annual 12-125 billion dollar loss in production is due to dirty air*.

Dust System Design Specialists

Filter Equipment, Inc. is committed to clean air worldwide. We want to help you suck the dirt right out of your air. With focus on custom design solutions, Filter Equipment provides and incorporates the best of all products available on the market. For instance, we make refurbished equipment available to our cost-conscious customers. Our commitment to presenting the best dust systems components and offering quality service at a fair price shows in the referrals that come from our satisfied customers:

American Millwork Inc.
Specialized Wood Inc.
Patrick Industries Corp.
Leco Industries
Parkland Plastics
Smith Brothers Furniture
Zeeland Architectural Components
Crane Composites
Brainerd Technical Design

Cequent Towing Products
Decatur Wood Products
Faulkner Fabricators Inc.
Hager Distribution
Genesis Products, Inc.
Middlebury Hardwood Products
Michiana Laminated Products
Noble Composites
Turtle Top Bus Division

Filter Equipment partners with you to help you meet or exceed code, keeping in mind future expansion. We assemble a bid package for your air filtration project so that potential sub-contractors bid on products and services that have already met with your approval.

Mac accessories custom design solutions

As a turnkey provider, we are able to select the best-experienced sub-contractors at the best price for your project. We handle the scheduling and act as your project coordinator to oversee the project—assure it is on time, on budget and per spec. We provide expert project management, which allows you to stay at the helm of your business.

Additional Filter Equipment services include:

Because air pollution is a peak environmental concern, clean air standards continually become stricter and more complex, actively impacting business and industry. Contact Filter Equipment for affordable quality in air filtration solutions that keep your business in compliance with ever-changing clean air policies.

*Fisk, William J. and Rosenfeld, Arthur H. “Estimates of Improved Productivity and Health From Better Indoor Environments”. Lawrence Berkley National Lab & U.S. Dept. of Energy. Berkeley, CA, 1997. 4 December, 2009.